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How to prepare for homesteading

Do you want to know how to prepare for homesteading? Are you up for a major change in your…

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Terra do Milho land viewed from a distance

What is the best location for a homestead? What should we consider? How do we know if this place…

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flood on your homestead

When you are looking for the right place for your Homestead there is a lot to think about. In…

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Having good quality fresh water is essential for your Homestead. Water is essential to life. You will not be…

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position of the sun

The sun is important for a lot of things. Your vegetable garden will not thrive without enough direct sunlight….

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Remote farmhouse

Once you have decided to start your own Homestead one of the questions will be: where are we going…

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Cook with fresh farm ingredients

This blog is written by Anna Tonk. She volunteered at Terra do Milho for two month.

What happens in the…

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When you want to start your own Homestead (or just started one) you can feel overwhelmed with all the…

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Don’t you know what to do with an overload of fruit and vegetables in summer and fall?
Do you only…

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Plums for Steam Juicer

Do you have a lot of soft fruit at once in your Orchard? Do you find it hard to…

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