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Why Body Condition Scoring?


Body Condition Scoring (BCS) is a practical DIY tool to find out what fat…

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Fresh cheese making

Fresh Cheese Recipe

This is my Fresh Cheese Recipe. Before I made this cheese I had never made cheese in my life….

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Growing Asparagus

When wanting to grow a vegetable cash crop why not choose a sexy one? Figs are supposedly the most…

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What do goats eat?

Rather than being grazers, goats are browsers: they look beyond the grassy pasture to the shrubs and small trees….

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This Savoury cupcakes recipe is simple and quick to make for those who love good food from their own…

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This blog teaches you two ways of making compost. It gives a detailed description of how to make quick…

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Instead of buying bottles for bottling your home made juice, syrup, wine or whatever you have, it makes sense …

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Fire protection campaign in Portugal

2017 was a hot year for Portugal. It was a warm summer, but the real and dramatic heat came…

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chickens in an orchard as Medfly pest control

Using chickens in an orchard as Medfly pest control is an very effective way to get rid of the…

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Prepare your vegetable garden with chickens

Did you know you can prepare your vegetable garden with chickens? Chickens can help you in your garden and…

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