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Basil Genovese

Sweet Basil is an easy, straight forward plant to grow. In this blog you will find all the things…

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organic oil

Let’s go deeper into the soil matter. In this next chapter you will see what you need to find…

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making money from your homestead

Yes, I do agree that there are many ways to make money off your homestead. From selling eggs to…

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Fava beans

In the south of Portugal this is the time of the fava beans. So now we are eating them…

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Looking at all these beautiful blogs about homesteading you might think is the most beautiful way to spend your…

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Wild boar

Wild boar on the land

We found some really bad damages on the land from the wild boar. It seems…

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making mayonnaise

Making mayonnaise is much easier than you think. It hardly costs anything and you can make it exactly as…

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Chop and drop

Chop and drop is a way to create good soil in your garden for growing vegetables. In our vegetable…

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Why Body Condition Scoring?


Body Condition Scoring (BCS) is a practical DIY tool to find out what fat…

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Fresh cheese making

Fresh Cheese Recipe

This is my Fresh Cheese Recipe. Before I made this cheese I had never made cheese in my life….

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