Working on our Terra do Milho project has been a long and creative process. We worked it out along the way. The building of the house, the improvements on the road, the planting of new Medronho trees.

We did not design a building plan beforehand, but improvised as we went along in an organic approach. Since we do not have a large funding this was partly a necessity. We see it this way: make a move, experience the move, get inspired and make the next move.

You will find our principles in all our activities.
Ecological Balance
Officially organic farming is a “holistic, ecologically-balanced approach to farming” (Lord Northbourne, 1939). That is what it is to us too. By using compost from our own household, natural waste material from the land, enriched with some manure of our own goats, we re-use valuable nutrition’s and upgrade the soil structure.
We try to be as much self supporting as possible. We will be a small 2-3 person household the year round and will probably produce more than we can use. The products we do not use ourselves we want to add value to by producing jams, applecider and the like.
Thinking Locally
We also try to connect to the existing structure and culture of our surroundings. Farmers have been cultivating the land in Monchique from Roman Times up to now. They are the true experts. The different fruit trees on our land were planted on their specific spot with a reason.



Monique worked in the Netherlands as a project manager at the Dutch Refugee Council for some years. During her work she experienced how to apply her knowledge of meditation in an every day work situation.
In 2006 she attended a three years training programme at The Five Wisdoms Institute, Wisdom@Work.  Through this education she became specialised in 5 wisdoms in teamwork and she became a 5 wisdoms meditation instructor. She is a member of the Shambhala community, where she is a meditation guide. Monique is an active member of the Transition Movement in Monchique, and her agricultural methods are organic and permacultural.

Tom Stobbelaar


Together with two colleagues he runs a comedy business in Holland, called De Gemeentereiniging. He followed a course in Permaculture Design at Vale da Lama, the outcome of that is visible at Terra do Milho more and more.
At Terradomilho Tom is mainly concerned with the vegetable garden, the growth of rare salvia’s and gladiolas. He also gives theatre-courses.
  • Enchanting place! Delightfully restful. A big tent with a phenomenal view. (...) A real recommendation for parents with (small) children. And also people without children. Actually, for everyone. Especially with the hospitality offered by Tom and Monique. Super!
    ― Sam, Anne, Miriam ―
  • What a wonderful holiday we've had here!!! We enjoyed the quiet, the space and the freedom of this beautiful place. The whole of nature felt at our fingertips, with a wonderful view through the mountains towards the west-side of Algarve. (...) It is a place to return to!
    ― Hans, Thecla ―