Staying at Terradomilho gives you lots of impressions of our organic fruit- and goatfarm. Situated in the Algarve, 25 km away from the crowded touristcoast and yet also close enough to the coast for a nice day at the beach.

We offer several accomodations: a limestone cottage, a strawbale house, a wooden chalet, a bell-tent.

The limestone cottage is a newly restored farmershouse with a cottage-looking outside and a modern fully equipped inside. Built with natural materials like limestone and clay, chestnut and eucalyptus. It’s on a spot with a nice view all the way to the westcoast of the Algarve.

The strawbale house is located close to our small river on a nice terrace and has an outdoor bathroom and outdoor fully equipped kitchen.

Staying in one of our bell-tents, offers you a nice combination of being close to nature and enjoying good comfort. Nice beds with clean bedding, outdoor bathhouse and kitchen.

You are welcome to stay with us. For reservations or more information, please contact us:

By the way: during spring, summer and autumn there will be workshops on the farm, like making bread, making cheese etcetera.


Phone: +351282911936 / +31620970125