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Cook with fresh farm ingredients

This blog is written by Anna Tonk. She volunteered at Terra do Milho for two month. What happens in the kitchen during winter on a Homestead? Living on a Homestead and having to cook for the hardworking people there seemed like a daunting task, because usually as a city dweller I am used to having …

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Fava beans

In the south of Portugal this is the time of the fava beans. So now we are eating them almost every day.  That is okay as long as we have enough recipes to use. When we don’t like them any more I dry the rest for later in the year. I like recipes that use …

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making mayonnaise

Making mayonnaise is much easier than you think. It hardly costs anything and you can make it exactly as you like it. Once you know how to make mayonnaise, you will never buy it again. And it only takes two minutes! I learned making mayonnaise from Claudia from Andalusia. She did a three month Erasmus …

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Fresh cheese making

This is my Fresh Cheese Recipe. Before I made this cheese I had never made cheese in my life. So do not worry this cheese making recipe is easy. You need a view things like renet, which you might have to buy in a special shop. The rest you will probably have in your kitchen. …

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This Savoury cupcakes recipe is simple and quick to make for those who love good food from their own ingredients and who don’t have much time to cook. These cupcakes I invented myself. You can do the same and use the same basic recipe and just change the ingredients, nobody will notice. You can even change …

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