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Our vegetable garden in Monchique. The picture is divided in three left and right there are rows of just planted vegetables, in the middle a big corn plant

What could you do to become more self sustainable? Well, start your own vegetable garden. These are not easy times, things are not as they used to be and nobody knows what we can expect in the coming year. What keeps us going is that we can become a bit more self sustainable on our …

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Float Garden

A guest post written by Margy Lutz. Margy describes her life on a float Cabin Home on Powell Lake in Coastal British Colombia. She has a very special float garden. Her husband writes interesting books about their off-grid life. I want to thank Monique for inviting me to write a guest post. She’s an amazing …

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Basil Genovese

Sweet Basil is an easy, straight forward plant to grow. In this blog you will find all the things you need to know for planning, companion planting, use and storage of Sweet Basil. It also provides you with information about the type of soil it needs and the pH it will grow in. One place …

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When wanting to grow a vegetable cash crop why not choose a sexy one? Figs are supposedly the most erotic fruit, but its vegetable compeer is without doubt the asparagus.   Nowadays asparagus is a speciality in North-West Europe, but it has a history that goes back to Roman and originally even Egypt times. That …

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Prepare your vegetable garden with chickens

Did you know you can prepare your vegetable garden with chickens? Chickens can help you in your garden and orchard in many ways. We use them as our little helpers. One of the things we use chickens for is to prepare the vegetable garden.   A month before we start  the garden, we fence in …

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