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Terra do Milho land viewed from a distance

What is the best location for a homestead? What should we consider? How do we know if this place is good for our dreamed Homestead? Buying a piece of land to live from is not a light decision to make. After all it is quite an investment in time and money. That is how we …

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flood on your homestead

When you are looking for the right place for your Homestead there is a lot to think about. In this series of blogs we will cover the major things. Apart from things you want on your land like enough sunlight and good quality fresh water, there are also things to avoid when you are picking …

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Having good quality fresh water is essential for your Homestead. Water is essential to life. You will not be able to survive on a location without water. Water is needed for cleaning and drinking, for us humans and for our animals and plants. From our experience we know how essential it is to find a …

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position of the sun

The sun is important for a lot of things. Your vegetable garden will not thrive without enough direct sunlight. The use of solar panels is only worth the effort when you have enough direct sunlight at the right angle. Light in your house during the day is desirable. Knowing the position of the sun on …

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Remote farmhouse

Once you have decided to start your own Homestead one of the questions will be: where are we going to start our Homestead? Are you thinking of starting a Homestead in a remote area, please read on. Sure, I would not want to stop you from doing so. We did move out into the countryside, …

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Float Garden

A guest post written by Margy Lutz. Margy describes her life on a float Cabin Home on Powell Lake in Coastal British Colombia. She has a very special float garden. Her husband writes interesting books about their off-grid life. I want to thank Monique for inviting me to write a guest post. She’s an amazing …

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