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Our vegetable garden in Monchique. The picture is divided in three left and right there are rows of just planted vegetables, in the middle a big corn plant

What could you do to become more self sustainable? Well, start your own vegetable garden.

These are not easy times, things are not as they used to be and nobody knows what we can expect…

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Feeding costs for goats, how to calculate and cut costs

Do you want to buy goats for your homestead or small scale farm? Do you wonder if it would be worth doing so and what it would cost you to feed goats?

Well, here is…

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What not to feed your goats

Where does the myth that goats can eat anything come from? And does that also mean that you can feed goats anything?

Fact is that goats are not only picky, but goats can also eat…

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Feeding goats 1

Can you give me the name of a country were there are no goats?

No? Why not? Because they are very flexible in their diet.
Does that mean goats eat everything? No, definitely not.
How does that…

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How to prepare for homesteading

Do you want to know how to prepare for homesteading? Are you up for a major change in your life? To break free and realise your dream? Is your dream starting a homestead?

Do you…

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Terra do Milho land viewed from a distance

What is the best location for a homestead? What should we consider? How do we know if this place is good for our dreamed Homestead?

Buying a piece of land to live from is not…

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flood on your homestead

When you are looking for the right place for your Homestead there is a lot to think about. In this series of blogs we will cover the major things.

Apart from things you want on…

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Having good quality fresh water is essential for your Homestead. Water is essential to life. You will not be able to survive on a location without water. Water is needed for cleaning and drinking,…

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position of the sun

The sun is important for a lot of things. Your vegetable garden will not thrive without enough direct sunlight. The use of solar panels is only worth the effort when you have enough direct…

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Remote farmhouse

Once you have decided to start your own Homestead one of the questions will be: where are we going to start our Homestead?

Are you thinking of starting a Homestead in a remote area, please…

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