February 12, 2018 By Monique No Comments

We live about 6 km from the town of Monchique , which is a pittoresk town in the hinterlands of the Algarve. In the town there are many terraces where people keep their vegetable gardens, mostly from people who live in town. Our friends Anna and Carlos, who live in town decided to share  their terraces with people from the Monchique Transition group.  As one of the founders of this group we joint in. The garden is about 400 m2 in size, there are 8 stretched beds of 21 m  long and 1.20 m wide. Two beds with asparagus, which is a perennial (for 12 years), and 6 beds for crop rotation.  The planting schedule is carefully planed. We designed the beds this way so we can easily use non pressurised irrigation pipes during the dry summer month.

In the garden the vegetables are grown organic. In the compost maker we build up a compost heap from green manure, weeds without seeds and manure from our goats. The goat manure is mixed with straw. Some times we use composted humanure as well. Every week we turn the compost into the other compartment of the compost maker. After five weeks the compost is ready to use in the garden.


 To make sure that the soil is never naked we use oats and lupins as a green manure. In this picture you can also see the broad beans growing on the compost, they are doing very well.


Written by Monique Volkers