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Fava beans

In the south of Portugal this is the time of the fava beans. So now we are eating them almost every day.  That is okay as long as we have enough recipes to use. When we don’t like them any more I dry the rest for later in the year. I like recipes that use …

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Looking at all these beautiful blogs about homesteading you might think is the most beautiful way to spend your life. We do enjoy our live here on our homestead, but it is not what it seems to be. There is hardships and sad stories to tell as well.   If you really want to start …

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Wild boar

Wild boar on the land We found some really bad damages on the land from the wild boar. It seems that they are with quite a group. After some talk with the neighbours we know they are not only making havoc on our land, but in the whole neighborhood. Ideal would be if we could …

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