February 5, 2018 By Monique No Comments

Every year in January and February we walk the goats over our terraces. Yes! Right though our orchard. The secret is that most fruit trees do not have leaves at this time of  the year so the goats are not interested in the trees at all, however they do love the weeds amongst and under the trees. You still need to watch them because with goats you never know, they can suddenly do crazy things. Clearing the terraces is important because it helps the fruittrees to grow and it reduces the risk of wildfire on our land. In this way the goats help us and we help the goats having a great healthy meal.  When the goats are back in their pasture we also give them the greens from our own clearing activities. They will eat the leaves from the branches which makes it easier for us to put it in the mulching machine.

Written by Monique Volkers