Terra do Milho is on a steep slope on one side of a lovely valley, near the town of Monchique in the Algarve. Through our valley runs a beautiful stream with crystal clear water, which runs all year round. The water in the Serra de Monchique is of special quality, and therefore very tasty.

The highest point of our land is 137m higher than the lowest point, so it’s rather steep. The size of the land is 3,8 hectares: one hectare is terrace land where we grow fruit trees and vegetables, while the rest is suitable for the cultivation of Medronho trees and cork oaks. In this situation you find our Limestone guesthouse, our strawbale guesthouse, our bell-tents and our wooden chalet.

We have many fruittrees trees on our farmland, like apples, pears, apricot, plums, figs, peaches, organges, lemon and medronho. Medronho is the local name for “Strawberry tree” (Arbutus unedo). The fruits that grow on the tree contain many sugars and some acids, and are ideal to make brandy of. The brandy (52%) is a local trade made by many farmers in the Serra de Monchique. The berries are harvested in October and November, to be distilled in early spring.

Terra do Milho is only an hour drive from Faro airport. The Serra de Monchique is a beautiful mountain range to explore on foot. Many little roads provide an excellent spot for walking around. The distance to the nearest white sandy beach is about 30km (30min drive), you can choose between the warm south-coast and the cooler but quieter west-coast. Along the west-coast stretches the Parque Natural do S.W. Alentejano e Costa Vicentina a nature reserve with amazing walking path’s along high cliffs. The village of Monchique is situated between the Algarve and the Alentejo. Both regions have much to offer.

Portugal’s south cost has a rich history of navigators who departed from here to start their journey to America. It is also the place where the Moors lived during most of the middle ages. Traces of this period are still found  in castles and architecture, for instance in Silves, a moorish little town near by our land. A daytrip to Lisbon and Sevilla is also possible. To the north of Monchique lies the Alentejo, Portugal’s most popular wine producing region. With the famous wineries of Borba, Monsaraz and Esporão a few hour’s drive away.

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