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Do you want to learn easy Homesteading skills? Don’t you have a Homestead yet? No problem. You don’t need to wait, you can start right now. This is what you can learn right now: CANNING. Canning is a way of preserving food. A way us Homesteaders use a lot. Why? Because we do not want …

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Seasonal cooking

Do you want to start your own Homestead one day? Is that day still some years ahead? Here is something you can start doing right now. Why it is Important to Start Learning Homesteading Skills now? When you finally start your Homestead there are many things you will have to do. Some things you might …

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Plants growing in pots

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash This is a guest blog written by Emma. Emma is a part-time property developer, part-time home improvements and gardening blogger at Fixtures and Flowers, and full time Mum. Gardening is for everyone.   Regardless of who you are, or the space you have; there’s a form of gardening that will …

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