he environment were we are living in is not merely a physical thing. Beauty and a pleasant feel occur more on an energetic level. The way our environment is in balance is important because it influences our well-being. Have you ever walked through a huge cathedral, have you felt the influence the building has on your mood? Its that kind of influence we mean.

To balance our surroundings we use mainly our intuition but also are inspired by a very old Buddhist philosophy which is called the five Buddha families, or five wisdoms. The idea is that everything (things, art, people, music, etc.) in the world consists of energy. The energy in the world can be divided in 5 categories. In a healthy space, with a good feel the wisdom side of these 5 energies shine. The 5 energies are:

    • Vajra energy (blue energy)
    • Ratna energy (yellow energy)
    • Padma energy (red energy)
    • Karma energy (green energy)
    • Buddha energy (white energy)

Now this is only a very brief summery of the theory. If you want to know more about the energies do keep following this blog.

Written by Monique Volkers